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In case you prefer a phone call, leave us a phone number and time which is convenient for you and we’ll ring you.

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Don’t spare any detail.

What is the cost of the 3d visualization?

The world of 3D visualization grows and evolves as we speak, adjusting to the specific needs of every client. The cost depends on many factors. Tell us what you need and we’ll work it out. Check here for more about price forming.

How long do I have to wait on my render?

It completely depends on the volume of your project. It is impossible to tell before we go through the brief.

How do I pay?

You pay half after the estimate and the other half after you approve the results.

Who is behind Dead Pixel Workshop?

Študio študio Ltd.
Vukovarska 71
21000 Split / Croatia
PIN: 61808742370
MBS: 060407922
Registered at Commercial Court in Split, mark Tt-19/5219-2
Fund Capital: 10 kn, fully paid
IBAN: HR28 23600001102802954
Member of the Board: Jure Bogdanić